Increasing the size of the Public folder in JBOD config

I have the EX2 with 2 4 TB drives in JBOD configuration. Currently I have 4.61 TB used up and I wanted to add 1 TB of videos but I get the error that there is not enough space on Public. I need another 500 Gig. I have lowered the MAC backup to 300 Gig with no luck. How can I increase the size of the public folder?

As you’re in JBOD mode, the two drives are acting completely independently. Hence it is perfectly possible to fill one drive up completely whilst the other is almost empty, depending on which drive your individual shares are located on. It sounds to me like this is what you have, with most everything stored on the same drive as public whilst the other drive is sat mostly empty.

If I remember correctly, public is normally located on drive 1, but you can confirm for each share by looking at its properties under the dashboard. What you need to do is see which shares are on which drive, and then make some room on drive 1 (or whichever drive public is on) by either deleting stuff in other shares on the same drive, or moving the items to shares that are on the other drive (basically moving the files from one drive in the EX2 to the other).

When you create shares, it asks you which drive you want to put them on. It defaults to drive 1, but you can select drive 2. It may be that when you’ve set up your shares they’ve mostly (or entirely) gone onto the same drive, causing it to fill up over time.

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Thank you. Very Helpful