Increase disk space

I own my cloud 2TB, and I need more space, is it possible to replace the disk with higher capacity disk?
Fast response is appreciated

There are two ways to increase disk space. First, the official way, is to attach an external USB hard drive to the My Cloud USB port.

The second way, the unofficial way, is to replace the My Cloud hard drive with a larger hard drive. There are a number of ways to do so. Including using the various “unbrick” methods that one can search for in this subforum (using the search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right). Some have reported success using a disk imaging program to crate a disk image that is then burned to the new drive. Note that the My Cloud hard drive is generally formatted for Linux so if using Windows one will need to use a third party Linux driver to view the contents of the My Cloud hard drive.

Also because there are two different single bay models the unbrick process is slightly different for each version. Make sure to note which version you have and backup all content just in case the unbrick or imaging process fails.

Thanks for the detailed response

@tuli If you haven’t already you may want to look at the User Manual , Chapter 12.