Incorrect Titles in Movie Folders

I am using an HP MediaSmart home server to host about 500 movies.  Each movie is contained in a folder with a title that is the same as the movie’s.  For example, there is a folder called “Avatar”, and within that folder, a movie file called “Avatar” (as well as jpeg fanart, a system info file, and a .tbn file).  I am finding that roughly 10% (?) of the titles are are not being displayed in their respective folders.  For instance, the folder titled “Alvin and the Chipmunks” should have the video file “Alvin and the Chipmunks”, but when accesed through the WD TV Live Plus, it displays the Avatar movie file.  If I click the file it says “unable to play the selected file.  please see the user manual for a list of supported file formats”.  The files in the “Alvin and the Chipmunks” folder are the exact same file types as those in the “Avatar” folder (.mkv, system info, .tbn, .jpg).  

Another way to access the movies is to select to view “All Videos” instead of “By Folder”.  When I do this, I cannot scroll down past about the 70th or 80th movie title (either WD crashes, or it flashes the “thinking” circle and then takes me back to the previous menu.

Has anyone else experienced this?  How can I get around it?

I have had the same problem, then for some miracle reason it stopped.

I have found out that when having two movies with the same container (mkv, divx, mpg or whatever) that the conversion and the codec used is to blame. I have had to recode allot of files because of this.

I have also found that mkv containers using the H.264 codec have specific setpoints. The setpoints I am reffering to is audio and video crunching. The Media Player (WDTV Live Plus, Sony BDP-S770, Sony KDL55NX810<all players/renderers) have a big say in what formats are to be use.  For instance one player maybe able to handle audio in DTS all supported frequenzies but another one while not. Same goes for video bitrate too.

As for the wrong titles being displayed-it happens. The only way I have found to change this is to get the metadata file delete and retry.

I have used <metabrowser2.0> (crashed allot), collectorz (used for keeping track of everything and easy interface), MyMovies3 with DVDprofiler (best for video file management).Sometimes with these programs I had to manually edit the information myself. Found that THE FOLDER NEEDS TO HAVE THE NAME AND YEAR and the MOVIE FILE JUST THE NAME.

in other words: example the movie “300”:  Folder would be 300 (2006) and the file would be 300.mpg, divx, mkv, whatever container you are using.

As for the server part I have used, Windows 7 Media Player (simple to use and free with Windows 7), Nero Media Home 4 bought retail (sucker works in the background even when it is turned off. Uses allot of the RAM when updating folders), XBMC (nice and free but was somewhat buggy to use), Tversity (okay, same as XBMC), Twonky (same as Tversity). All of these servers still did not do what I wanted them to do on the TV>show me the movie information!

Thanks so much for the info.  I will try renaming folders/movie titles as you have suggested.