Incomplete downloads with Wireless Pro


Hello All -

I purchased a Wireless Pro last summer in preparation for a trip to Tanzania and as a replacement for my 3 Epson P7000’s. I tested the device with a couple dozen RAW image from my Nikon D810 and it seemed to work and downloaded my Compact Flash card perfectly. I wanted to leave the Epson’s behind but wife suggested taking them anyway, good thing. The first night I tried to downloading images the card reader gave an error so I swapped out the card reader with another and it seemed to start downloading. After a half hour of reading I found I had only downloaded a couple dozen images from a card that had over 200 images on it and the Wireless Passport had stalled. Thank goodness for the Epson’s. The next night i tried again with no luck. The Wireless Pro was set aside for the remainder of the trip.

After getting home I tried the Wireless Pro with a different manufactures reader and I ran into the same problems of incomplete downloads or even error messages of multiple file names and an immediate crash. In Africa I was trying to work off the battery because electricity was not always available, the device was fully charged. This March I took the Passport on a road trip and worked off of power and the downloads stalled after several dozen images. WTF is going on!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I use a SanDisk ImageMate all-in-one card reader, SanDisk 64gb CF card, and the file sizes are about 45mb coming of the Nikon D810.

Is there any solutions out there, please?

Thank you
John Munro


Hi falcon64,

You should try to check after installing the latest firmware version (v1.04.17) of My Passport Wireless Pro.

If already done, you can have a look on this KBA for resolution.



Updated Firmware and the device still WILL NOT to do a complete download from WD certified card reader and CF card. WPPro even gives a “multiple file” error message when there are no multiple files then the device stops working, locked up. I have been back and forth with Customer Support to no avail.

I have given up on this device and feel that WD has put out misleading information regarding its use and compatibility. Junk, IMO. This incident will make me think real hard on WD in the future and that is disturbing as WD has been a leader and go to device manufacturer for data storage.