Incompatibility : Twonky 5.1.9 and Sony Bravia TV

Dear All,

I have a Sony Bravia DLNA certified TV (KDL-37EX503) and a WD Mybook Live running firmware 01.03.03 and Twonky 5.1.9 (i.e. unmodified).

The only thing on the MBL is a small number (~30) MPEG2 files.

What is wierd is that the TV only lists (i.e. “sees”) about 50% of them; and it is a consistent 50% of them, as if it was something to do with the files themselves. It can succesfully stream those that it can “see”.

Other observations:

  1. Other DLNA clients (laptop, even phones) can see all the files, and successfully stream them.

  2. The TV can “see” and stream from other media servers (most notably Twonky 4.4.18 running on an Linksys NLSU2) using exactly the same files

  3. As far as I can tell, there is nothing consistently different between the files to separate working from non-working files - I have interrogated with mediainfo and even ffmpeg’s ffprobe.  For example they are all MPEG-PS, 720x576, at 25 fps with 6 channel AC-3 audio at approximately the same bitrate. The first stream in all the files is the video rather than the audio. etc.

Any ideas? Does TM 5.1.9 have some sort of TV-specific client setting that is causing problems?  I imagine that moving up to TM 6 might solve this (as discussed in other threads) but this comes with a number of issues.

(And I’ve raised this with Sony, but their opinion - not unexpectedly - is that since the TV successfully streams the files from other servers, it isn’t their problem)



I don’t know. Any weird characters like “-” or “!” ?  Rename one of the “unfindable” files to abcdefg.xx (mpg, or whatever extension) and see if it finds it.  just shot in the dark.

Thanks for the reply

However on further digging it looks like this is an issue with TwonkyMedia v5.1.9 not being able to correctly identify MPEG_PS files (they aren’t correctly flagged in the TwonkyMedia database). I have raised the issue on the Twonky forums and will see how far I get.



Hi, I was wondering if you heard back from Twonky, I’m having the same issue?

Thanks, Daniel

I can tell you now you won’t get anywhere.  I tried on a different isue.

  1. Twonky will tell you it’s a specific NAS build and you can only get help from the Forums or Western Digital.
  2. Western Digital seem to flat refuse even considering providing an uptate with Twonky 6.
  3. :frowning:

Just out of sheer curiosity, try this:

I has a problem (as a few others also has and I saved them from having to do a factory reset losing everything) with Tronky’s media database becoming corrupt. Could there be a remote chance that the database has been incorrectly assembled and resetting the entire Twonky database by erasing it and then letting Twonky create it from scratch work?  Unless it is trye that Twonky can’t handle certain types of MPEG2 files.