In W10 Backup my preferred drive is not listed via "Add a drive" button

Disk Management shows it with Status “Healthy (Primary partition)” I can view files in it. It is a WD 1TB MY BOOK ESSENTIALS EXT connected by USB and powered by an external supply.

Some other drives are listed via the “Add a drive” button and they all have the Status Healthy (ACTIVE, Primary Partition) but the above is not shown as Active. Why?

After googling Active I am uncertain if I will screw up something. How should I proceed please?

Hello, welcome to the community.

Does the drive shows under “This PC” area? Are you able to transfer information manually? What is the partition type?

Thx Iluna,
It is visible under “This PC”, I can transfer manually e.g. copy and paste to and from it and delete.

In Disk Management I cannot see a column headed partition type but there is one called simply “Type” and it says “Basic” .
Layout is Simple, File System is NTFS , Capacity 931.41 GB, Free Space 538.17 GB, % Free 58%

Down further it is shown as Disk 2 with two partitions. One is “96 MB NTFS Health (Active Primary Partition)” and the other " WD USB-only (H:) 931.41 GB NTFS Healthy (Primary Partition) " " WD USB-only" is what I named it to distinguish from another WD external drive that I have which has both USB and e-sata. That one is not connected at present as I keep it with backups offsite.

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