In Network Shares, my password keeps automatically showing 19 asterix

I can acces youtube, flickr and radio.  The computer is recognised and when you log in for network shares I type in my username but the password automatically defaults with 19 asterix symbols when my password is no where near that many.  No matter what I type in the password it keeps showing ther 19 asterix.  In settings I clear login info and it doesn’t help.  I’m running XP.  Firmware is 1.01.11

Has anyone had this problem or have any idea on a fix?

This is as designed.  Once you enter your password, the WDTV Live unit adds additional characters for better password protection.

I also found that if I saved my password through Windows, and then tried to use it automatically, it saves the extra asterisks again and then prevents me from being able to sign it.  Don’t set it up to save the password through Windows.