Improving the WD TV Mini

My wish list for improving the WD TV Mini:

  • Gapless MP3 replay, no loss of sync on Toslink output, very short > 1/10 sec.
     fade in/out when jumping to other file.

  • New design of music play list: show longer file names without (or little) scrolling.
     Therefore use whole screen width, kill the disk picture on the right side.
     Use a little larger font size.
     Track highlighted file name of actual played file in the middle of file list and reposition
     to this file 20 sec after browsing the file list.

  • add Volume control

  • add wave replay for 24/96 files as written in old manuals

  • add switch for playing videos with ac3 sound or down mix to stereo sound on Toslink.

  • improve readability:
      I use my WD TV Mini in car, caravan and camping, so I only use a 7 Inch car-display
      TFT with 480x 230 pixels composite Video.
      in my opinion the readability of all menus is difficult - use simpler and larger
      font with better color contrast: blue background and white letters

  • add switch off timer

Are there chances to add these functions? Best regards, Ingo

Welcome to the forums.

Two things wrong:

  1. This is the forum for the WD Live, not the mini.

  2. Improvements are best made in the “Ideas” section, you’ll see it above.

  • RLS (remember last state) actual for car audio