Improper Playback of H.264 L4.1 Compliant Files

I am posting this thread regarding the decoding ability of the Sigma chipset in my WDTV Live with respect to the two sample streams here:

Panasonic Demo – Summer in Alaska
Panasonic Demo – Nature


Both can be downloaded from this page :


I personally tried both of them on my WDTV Live, and there seems to be quite a number of dropped frames / stuttering in general, and this is accentuated in some particular places (Nature clip : 1:46 – 2:00 ; Summer in Alaska : around 2:05)

These 2 clips are Blu-Ray spec compliant. I didn’t find anything amiss in the Mediainfo reports. I definitely know it is not a frame rate issue since other 29.97 fps files play fine on the same player.

Does Sigma Designs / Western Digital have an idea of what might be going wrong with the deocding process of these files?

If you are interested in exploring further, I can try to make available a direct link to at least one of the files after getting back an e-mail from the concerned firmware engineer.

PS: I got these 2 files from a post on AVS Forums.

Those are 1080p videos, my guess is that you are having the same trouble that other people like me have, that is, video stutters when you try to play a file with somewhat high bitrate from a network share. Try playing the video from USB, or from a media server like Windows Media player, Twonky or TVersity and I bet the videos will play fine.

The 2 files are low bit rate videos, and my observations are based on playback from USB.