Image suddenly goes in slow-motion

Hey all,

Since the 2nd last firmware update (There’s been a new one since a few days but haven’t downloaded it yet) I have been having a weird problem.

Suddenly when I’m 15min in an episode or movie the playback suddenly slows down to slow-motion. Everything from then on takes ages to complete like going back to the main list, going back to settings and reconnecting to my NAS etc… The only solution seems to be restarting the box and then all of a sudden it runs smoothly for hours.

I’m using an approved USB wi-fi and a Synology NAS. It looks like when the problem occurs something is going wrong in the buffering and it needs to be reset by restarting the box. I didn’t have that before the 2nd last firmware update.

Anyone been having this and has a solution?

This is well documented.  It’s the new firmware.  The fix is to rollback to version 1.03.49_B (or someo others that didn’t have these issues).

Are you only having issues with streaming video wirelessly?  Are you sure your network can handle the bitrates? Make sure you are downloading alot (like with jdownloader in the background).

Another semi-fix is to make sure the names “WORKGROUP” match on your network streaming PC/Mac and on you WDTV box.  They are case-sensitive and can make a difference in connectivity, negotiation and performance when streaming.

Hope these tips help.