iMac (Mid 2007) and WD3200AAJS

I have an iMac, mid 2007 that shipped with a WD3200AAJS, 320 GB. It finally died and I replaced it with another WD3200AAJS (new from Amazon). On bootup, I get the mac folder with a “?” in it. Replacing the new drive with the old, the drive is found. I found elsewhere on Internet, suggestion of placing a jumper across pins 5 & 6, but that has identical results (folder & “?”). An external drive in the USB is found. Any suggestions for jumpers/pins to reduce the data transfer rate so that iMac can see it?


If you are replacing the internal drive of your Mac for a new one, you will need to reinstall the OS on that new drive.

Do you have the Mac OS for the installation?

Yes, but not the issue. The BIOS is not recognizing that there is a hard drive there. That is the issue.