iMac Hard Drive

My hard drive is dying. Lots of sector errors. I need to replace it and have found sources online with reasonable prices. What worries me is that the jpart number they specify is incomplete.

The numbes specified by System Profiler is WD2005AAJS-40Wa0 while the sites give just WD2500AAJS.

Is this significant? Qhat does 40WA0 mean?

This is a 250Gb drive. Is there a larger drive that would fit in? would I have to change my BIOS?



just some additional identification code. im guessing it contains information about the actual manufacturing date, but thats just a wild guess…

it doesnt matter which drive you pick, its a standard you just have to meet: SATA and 2.5". So there are plenty of drives to pick from, including large 1TB models. I’d go with a scorpio black drive with the size that suits you. more expensive, but worth it on the long run!

after changing the drive, you only need to reinstall your OS. no bios changes necessary.