Im in hell

after getting my device on the 22nd dec 18 as a self pressie for bday. i loaded all my data on it and started to use as a proud owner, many years ago i ha bought a device which after sometime i decided not to use as it was not fulfilling my needs.
that was probaly around 2007 when i had that device and i will say that device worked better than this and i believe it was a WD unit.

when deciding to get the my cloud home i did my research with videos and reading stuff… the keypoints i looked at A; does it stand alone without software and the answer i saw was yes… but of course only a single folder exist but you can use it. B: does it stream media files across a network the answser i got was yes.

the ability to hook my phone up and see and use files while i was out an about was a bonus
1.72 tb of data took only a few hours to load and then cam the serious use i wanted.

1 of the first things i went to do after setting up using the crappy sotware was was to hook up all my devices and stream my content to my devices and family.

to my amazement i needed plex… something i didint want to do… no mention i saw that streaming was only availble via plex… so my brand new smart tv had to be hooked up via plex and after that i would need to do multiple xbox and then other mobile devics… sorry no way…

i then decided i would not load the discovery software so i could use as s stand alone and low and behold 1 folder with nothing in it… again using google again and finding info i see that it can be used as a standalone but its only a public folder that can only be seen when not using the software but then you cannot access your files as they are on another system that can only be seen using the software.

when i came to opening files on my desktop i would double click and it would take 3-10 secs for files to engage.
omg what is this…
after 10 years and much technology advances i would think that a device like this would be a thing of the past

after my utter dispointment i have decided to remove my data off of the device and take it back as its not fit for purpose but low and behold taking data off is not as easy as it seems… after 12 hour i only have a small percentage of my data off and suspect it will take a few more days.

as said i am in hell with this and wd will not be seeing my hard earned cash again…

if anyone can offer help to take away the pain in either way im open to suggestions.

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