Im completely useless with tec stuff ... help

i am trying to do a update on my wd hub & in setting it says i am connected to the net but when i look for new firmware it says not connected & to check connection? i have done a restart but still says check but it says i am?

also… i only use it to store films & tv how do i take films from one of my wd hub to put on to external HD or directly onto my other hub? needs to easy peasy for me :wink:

Since the device is discontinued and no longer supported, there are no more firmware updates for the WDTV media players and the update servers are offline.

Sure, that should work … however you want to do it that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

oh buga…ok i am on 3.12.13, can anyone tell me in simple terms how i put all the tv & films from my hub onto my passport external HD please???
also how do i get new films onto my external HD? i used to down load but i cant do that anymore ;(

read the User Manual … it’s written in simple terms.