I'm back (sort of)

So I’ve moved on to Kodi on Raspi quite some time ago and never looked back. However, my old man needs his media player to connect to his stereo system over analogue Cinch as well so he can mute the TV and listen via headphones so he won’t drive my mom crazy. Thus I thought about using the SMP (firmware 2.03.20) I’d stashed in the basement.

While he can handle the large remote control well, I’m having trouble to connect to the MyNetN900C router (with an internal 1 TB drive) via windows SMB share. I can connect to it with my mom’s Kodi box on SMBv1 but the SMP only sees the router as a media server (DLNA) with the usual caveats. Any idea how to change that?

Also, being quite used to Kodi’s goodies I can’t remember if it’s possible to have the SMP start in a certain directory, say MyNetN900C > Music > Albums? Also, how come I have set the time zone right including DST but still get a difference of 11 minutes? Can I do something about that?