Ignore advice from this user

I’ve encountered many end users who are following the advice of this user Jose2020, thinking that he is providing useful information. However, he is just a spammer for a company called Stellar and most of his advice is cut and paste and can be very destructive to the data on people’s drive.

I’ve made several attempts to notify the moderators who assured me that they recognize the problem and are working on it, but as it has been several months, I can’t sit back and watch people fall for this guy’s advice.

So, if you could join me in reporting him every time he posts, perhaps the moderators will make an effort to ban him.

If you have fallen victim to his advice and made things worse, I suggest you seek compensation from him and those who are responsible for moderating this community.

I see lots of crappy posts on the forums with dubious advise which is why I help steer people to more conventional solutions

On tool that is very helpful is the WD Lifeguard which can sometimes resurrect a sick hard disk

i’m sure they will in time

they banned this “Stellar” Spammer