If the audio goes out of sync try remuxing

i had a movie file the other day which went out of sync towards the middle,

i watched the same part on my computer in VLC player and it was fine.

so then i tried playing it off a USB drive but the WD player was still going out of sync.

so i remuxed it from AVI container to MKV and it fixed the issue.

so anyone who notices similar issues should try that, it only takes a second to do it and doesnt require any encoding.

i use Avidemux its a free app on Linux. im not sure if they have a Win/Mac version but im sure you can find similar programs. just make sure they offer remuxing, not converting/resaving thats going to take you forever and reduce quality of the file.

as for the WD team, heres the specifics of the file in question, if you wanna give it to whom it concerns and see if they can figure out what was causing the issue and make a patch for it in the future.

VideoID : 0Format : MPEG-4 VisualFormat profile : Advanced Simple@L5Format settings, BVOP : 2Format settings, QPel : YesFormat settings, GMC : No warppointsFormat settings, Matrix : Default (H.263)Muxing mode : Packed bitstreamCodec ID : XVIDCodec ID/Hint : XviDDuration : 1h 58mnBit rate : 1 799 KbpsWidth : 720 pixelsHeight : 304 pixelsDisplay aspect ratio : 2.35:1Frame rate : 24.000 fpsColor space : YUVChroma subsampling : 4:2:0Bit depth : 8 bitsScan type : ProgressiveCompression mode : LossyBits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.343Stream size : 1.49 GiB (80%)Writing library : XviD 1.2.1 (UTC 2008-12-04)AudioID : 1Format : AC-3Format/Info : Audio Coding 3Mode extension : CM (complete main)Codec ID : 2000Duration : 1h 58mnBit rate mode : ConstantBit rate : 448 KbpsChannel(s) : 6 channelsChannel positions : Front: L C R, Side: L R, LFESampling rate : 48.0 KHzBit depth : 16 bitsCompression mode : LossyStream size : 379 MiB (20%)Alignment : Split accross interleavesInterleave, duration : 42 ms (1.00 video frame)Interleave, preload duration : 500 ms

Thank you very much for sharing with the WD Community, I am sure that your contribution will help a lot of Users.