If I use WD backup, can I get individual files from the backup?

Question says most of it. I was looking at using the WD-based Acronis software.

Thanks for any help


EDIT: Just for anyhone’s  info I did check the Acronis site, and it says

“A full-system backup image isn’t just a huge pile of ones and zeros. With Acronis’ Mount Image feature, you can temporarily transform this image into a virtual drive, which lets you access and browse all your folders just like a real, physical drive. Drag and drop your files wherever you want without having to reboot or restore the image. It’s like having direct access to your old system.” B ut that’s the latest paid version, so I am just wondering.

Hello Nick,

The WD True Image app will allow you to restore single files.  I’ve been using it for about a week and found it works ok to create full backups and restore single or multiple files.  The WD version of Acronis seems to be lacking the ability to schedule backups and the type of backup (i.e. it does not support Incremental/Differential Backups only supports Full Backups).  I ended up using it because I could not get either NovaStor or Shadow Protect Desktop to successfully use my WD 2.5TB drive as a destination.