If I store programs and program files on WDmyCloud can I run them remotely?

First, I want to know if I can store program and program files on WD myCloud.

Second, I want to know if I can not only have access but actually run the programs from a remote computer using myCloud app.

Third, if I’m able to do this, will all the changes made on the remote computer sync to the myCloud drive?


  1. yes. keep in mind that even a 1Gbps connection is much slower then a local disk. I would not do this

  2. no. it is a fancy disk. you can access files remotely but not run things. you could map a drive with wd2go.com but the performance would be very poor.

  3. not sure exactly what you are asking here but probably not

Thanks, this has helped.

Regarding the third question about syncing, if I have a file, such as a word document, and I access it on a remote computer and make changes to it. Will those changes be reflected on the file in the drive? (Similar to Microsoft Office online where you can do collaboration work on a file)

yes, as long as you use the WD Mycloud app or map a drive with wd2go.com and open the file from there.

if you open a file on a local drive or a remote computer it will not automatically sync to the mycloud

for remote access the WD mycloud app is generally better and for local access File Explorer is generally better

Best way: Use BTSync or Syncthing.

Hard way: Use “Clean debian” firmware and ISCSI-Target.