If I see all these review , I will not buy for sure ,MKV not support , VLC not full support,Other Player app not support , Ms word,Excel not support

  1. MKV file not support , If play via WD Cloud Home app , It’s can play but you cannot even set Language Audio track and Subtitle , Or If you open in default is just only VLC , When you open in VLC , You cannot fast forward to time you want to watch.
  2. You can’t upload file more than 5 GB , So you can’t back up 4k movie or bluray file .
  3. Read and write slow It’s just only about 30-35 Mb/s that mean slower than using USB3
  4. You can’t preview document like MS WORD and MS EXCEL via mobile app , Thing to do is you have to download to ONE DRIVE then preview or edit that file after that you re upload to My cloud and delete old file , I’s is very stupid way to do
  5. You cannot playback file over 1080p

In conclusion I pay about more than 300 $ for 8Tb just only back up photo and 1080p movie , Ok It’s more easy to access file without wire but cannot do more than this It’s not worth at this price ,This price I subscription on Amazon S3 It’s more worth

If WD solve these issue , It’s will worth at this price

@hop Maybe the My Cloud Home is not the product you need. Check out the others and their holiday sales price.