If a firmware update fails: Is the external drive useless?

Hi. I have not attempted a firmware update in my life. So before I do, I was wondering: If a firmware update fails, it the drive useless? Or does it revert to the original firmware?

Is it the same for blu-ray players? And anything else that needs firmware? I don’t know what else needs firmware. Maybe computers, computer software or computer hardware?

Does anyone know if a blu-ray player or something will prompt you to update the firmware? Or is ther a general error and then that is the notification?

I plan on hiding that wd smartware somehow.

Thank you.

If everything is working to suit you then I would not update just to have latest update. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’d at least and wait and see how others make out with it. This Smartware and Firmware has been trouble for a lot of people in all it’s versions.


Thank you for the reply.

So some people have had trouble witht he firmware or smartware update after it installs? Can you roll it back?

I am not seeing that vcd appear anymore since I re-formatted the drive myself. I think it is hidden in Windows (I don’t know where). When I go into Safely remove hardware icon at the bottom of the screen, the Smartware icon is there when I check the display device components box.

I understand Smartware is part of the drive until you can remove it.

Does it monitor your system or drive and create any files?

SmartWare does monitor your computer for files to back up if you have it doing backups.   If you don’t want to use SmartWare, you can uninstall it, and use the drive as regular drive for copying and pasting.