Identifying Backed up Files

I have MyBook Essential (for only about 5 days) and would also like to know the identity of the backed up files. For example I have about 3MB of movies.  I didn’t know I had any movies - anywhere.  Where would they be located?  What are the names of the files in “Documents”?  There is about 1.6 GB in “Other”.  What do they consist of?  I also have 124 MB of music I didn’t know I had.   It might then be possible to determine what has not been backed up and what has not. 

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I found the answer to identifying my backed up files.  Found them all. Problem solved.

What was the solution? I’m having the same problem.

I got it by clicking on “retrieve” and at the bottom right clicked on “select files”.  I didn’t want to retrieve any so I just made a note of the contents.

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