Ideas on how to browse photos quickly and easily using a Mac?

On my Windows laptop, it’s fairly easy to view photos-- simply open the folder (on the MyCloud) that contains pics, double-click on any photo opens Microsoft Picture Manager (or whatever picture browser you have designated as default).  From within Picture Manager, I can simply click or press left arrow or right arrow to flip through pictures.

On a Mac, is there a similar simple method to view a bunch of pictures?  I mapped the MyCloud so that it mounts on my Mac desktop.  Open the drive, open the folder that contains pictures, and double-click on a photo.  That opens up a single Viewer window, but I cannot view other photos from this Viewer.  I have to close the Viewer window, then double click on another photo (which opens up a new Viewer window…you can see how this gets frustrating).

Any ideas?

Hi woodypup, just highlight any of the pictures and press the space bar, from there just press the up or down key to scroll through the pictures. 

Hi Woodypup,

I have an app called Xee3 -  Application

The application cost £2.50 but is there one of the best photo viewer and browser for mac. You can always preview as suggested, but I also had the need of navigate trough the photos like Windows and that app is just great for that

Hope I help