Idea Exchange - Vote DOWN Feature?

Currently there is a way to Vote Up ideas but no way to express strong opposition to them. Any chance we can get a Vote Down button?

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I will look into this.

I agree, some ideas just get a lot of votes out of random users joining up instead of being something truly requested by the notable majority of users.

A “vote down” option can also help giving priority.

I agree the ideas should have a vote down button, not everyone is agree with an idea and the best way to say it is by voting down if possible

Sounds great. Here’s a idea for the Idea exchage idea.

Thumbs up or Thumbs down icon…You can thank me later. :slight_smile:

I tried.  It ain’t happening.

Thanks for trying, Bill. We’ll just have to comment on daft ideas making it absolutely clear that they are ridiculous.

Well, Lithium is regularly coming out with new updates.  So, maybe they’ll come out with the thumbs up or down system sometime.

Then let’s hope for it =)