ID3 information served by iTunes Server on MBL show wrong information and strange characters

I have transferred all my music to MBL (firmware version 02.11.09-053) and set up the iTunes Server.

When I access the shared resource from ITunes (version most of the music shows wrong information like strange characters or unidentified singer or album (mostly stated as “unknown”). I’ve checked the ID3 tags (using MP3Tag editor) and the information is correct on it. I’ve tried different ID3 tag versions with no visible change on behavior. I was never able to find the information shown by MBL server on the ID3 tag using a third-part editor.

If I add the shared folder to the iTunes library (not as a shared resource) all ID3 information is correct.

Anyone else is having the same problem and can point a solution? It seems to be a firmware problem, but I’m using the latest one already.

Antonio Plais

What version on the Mac OS do you have?