Icons in Android app?

Where can I find a how-to guide for the Android app?

I have the MyCloud drive set up in my home network and the Android phone is connecting fine. I see my files using the Android app but when I long press on a file I get a series of icons in the top menu bar. One looks like a download icon - when I tap it it sets a small icon (of a white down arrow in a blue circle) permanently next to the relevant file name(s).  What does that do?  How do I undo it - there seems to be no icon to undo the operation.

Changes to the file in question via the Android app are not being synced back to the file on the MyCloud drive in my home network. Very frustrating.

I deleted the file via the MyCloud app on the Android device - it did delete it on the Mycloud drive! (even though it wouldn’t sync changes to the file to the MyCloud drive). However,  when I re-create the file on the MyCloud device (using my PC) I cannot get the file to appear in the file list on the Android app.  ???


Hi KRowden, welcome to the WD Community. This options allows you do download the file directly to the phone internal memory, so when you open the file again it wont use data. You can delete the files from the WD My Cloud folder in your phone to remove the Blue icon besides the file. Note that the files will be synced to the My Cloud every 3 minutes by default. 

Thank you, that makes sense given the look of the ‘download’ icon - but how does that file now differ from all the other files listed?  You say it is now local to my phone - but will it still be sycned with the file on the MyCloud drive on my home LAN? Where is the file stored on my phone?  When I edit the file (via the Mycloud listing on the phone), save my changes, exit the file and then re-open it (still on the phone) - my edits are not there.

What is the benefit of having it flagged as “downloaded”?

If I delete the file in the WD MyCloud folder I’m assuming it deletes it on the MyCoud drive - what about the version that was downloaded to my phone?  Having to delete the file seems a clumsy way to remove the “downloaded” status.

How can I force a sync (from the phone)? The settings (on the phone) show an"auto-sync" option - but  I have yet to find a manual sync option.