Icon Overlay for WD Sync

Hello, I was wondering if there was an option to include icon overlays (synced, syncing, error, etc) in the “WD Sync” folder? Similar to dropbox, google drive and the other cloud based storage solutions. As of right now I can’t see any indication when the files have been synced, other that the “date modified” time.


Hi. this sounds more like an idea, I would recommend you to post it Here and create an idea requesting this feature to be added to the app.

It’s already included in the Mac version. Would also be nice on my PC.

I have WD sync on two Macs running and I only see the icon overlays on one PC. Can someone tell me where to switch it on?

Windows 10 version of WD Sync (1.3.5949) now displays the icons directly on top of the file icons, but they are so large in ‘details’ or ‘small icon’ view that you can’t see the whether it’s a folder or a file anymore. This is a problem I hope developers can resolve. I’ll submit a feature request.

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