I would like to transfer my movies from my pasport to the mycloud without using the sync method

I just bought a 3 TB Mycloud for my house and I would like to know how to transfer my movies from my 1 TB passport without using the sync feature. I started doing that but it was taking up a ton of HD space on my computer. The goal is to transfer movies to the cloud and watch them through various TV’s through the house using the network. If I can’t get this to work I will return it and wait for something better. I’m not an IT person and can figure most things out by reading directions. I work during the day and by the time I get home the tech support may be closed. Thank you all for any help that can be giving.

Because the Passport is a USB drive, the recommended way to copy the content is to simply connect it to your computer, connect your computer via Ethernet cable to the same router/gateway the My Cloud is connected to, then using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder copy the files direct from the Passport to the My Cloud.

There is no need to use “sync” software to copy files from an external USB drive to the My Cloud.

While the My Cloud does have a USB port, trying to copy from an external hard drive to the My Cloud through that USB port is slow when using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. If using the USB port on the back of the My Cloud it is recommended to either use the My Cloud Desktop software, or the My Cloud mobile apps (for iOS and Android), or initiate the copy via SSH commands to copy files from the USB drive connected to the My Cloud.

The first method described above is the least technical and likely the fastest and best. You are just copying from one drive to another, and using your home network to pass the files through is my preferred method.

You may want to look at the WD My Cloud User Manual. See Appendix C Page 95. Use link below for the User Manual.


Hi Bennor,

Thank you for the information. I have MVK, AVI and MP4 files to transfer, but some over half of the movies won’t transfer. The tab that says view details show "retry with a exclamation point symbol next to it. This is my third day trying to transfer the files. Yesterday it said timed out when I came home. Do you know if support is available on weekends. I am going to keep trying until Monday and if I’m not successful. I’m going to return it. I looked at cat0w message from the manual and that’s how I’m trying to transfer.

Thanks Again

Sorry. I meant MKV file

What tool are you using to transfer the files?

I have tried WD access, My network through my PC and Mycloud website by logging in and using the webs tool.

What are you using to copy the files from the USB drive to the My Cloud? Windows File Explorer? Mac Finder?

Is the computer connected directly to the router via an Ethernet cable or are you using WiFi.

Please note that this is primarily a “user to user” support forum. The WD support hours are listed on their website. You may want to try opening a support case with them: http://support.wdc.com/Support/case.aspx?lang=en