I will buy you a new hard drive (need a certain model no. to fix my problem)

Ok, I really really really need a Western Digital 1TB home edition WDH1CS10000N. This particular model is out of production but I have many important things in my old hard drive which has crashed (the head stopped working or crashed after the hard drive fell to the floor).Anyone who owns this can contact me. I can either buy it from you or buy you a newer model of western digital.  I wouldnt take such extreme measures but there is a lot of important data in that hard drive and I need it back. Please be reasonable. My phone number is 9567364821, I reside In trivandrum Kerala and am in mumbai few days a week too , so whatever is good for you. Call me now if you or anyone you know has this hard drive and wants the offer, Please HELP URGENTLY.

Ok i dont know why my entire post dint get posted. I am looking for a WD1CS10000N , 1tb  home edition which is now out of production.  I had the same one that fell to the floor and is damaged. The repair people that I have given it to have asked me to get a replica of my hard drive. So if anyone has this drive please let me know. I can buy you a new hard drive and get the old one from you. I need the info on that drive that bad. Its very important , please help.

Hang in ther because I believe thats the model of 1TG I got. I just have to double check the model number and make sure it works correctly. I honestly believe it’s something simplr, likr a good partition or format that I need am am having trouble getting the job done. Just purchased the 1TG boof a month ago aprox, maybe less.

haha “boof”… that aint a word, tis it? Sorry. :F

Yea man let me know ASAP. Thank you.