I want to UNRAID my My Book Pro Edition II, can it be done?

I’ve had a My Book Pro Edition II for atleast 3yrs and it has given me headaches ever since. The biggest was when one of the two 500gb drives decided to fail on me. The drive was good but the electronics were ■■■■.  Since it was a RAID 0 I was not able to access my information. After spending hundreds to get some of the info back it now has two 1TB drives in it but I don’t want it in RAID mode at all. Is it possible to do that?



I tried that but not successful. I look all over the WD Raid manager but, did not find any thing that said unraid.

I think it is designed to be raid0 or raid1.

yeah with all the research I have done one can only use it as a raid system. I even pulled the drives initialized them separately and then put them back in the my book and it wasn’t recognized as it asked me to initialize the drive. bad purchase on my part.