I want to order ide hard disk 40gb

I want to order ide hard disk 40gb.
I don’t know what the ordering process is or the minimum order quantity.
Reply to me please.
email : manu@npe.co.th

Those are not made anymore as SATA came in about 2005

I have 3.5" Quantum 30GB drives, Maxtor 60GB…
2.5" gotta check but I suppose 20 or 40 GB from IBM ThinkPad R51.
I’ll be happy to give-away one however I live in Istanbul, Turkey.

You can connect a SATA SSD/HDD to an IDE controller using a SATA-IDE adaptor. If you need to reduce the capacity to 40GB, there are free tools (eg HDAT2, SeaTools) which can create a HPA.

Check out the Products WD has and see if they have what you want. If not do a search using your favorite search engine. When you find what you want follow the instructions for buying.

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