I want to boot my Toshiba satellite with XP or vista from my external 1tb WD HD

I have a 1tb caviar green in a external hard drive USB enclosure, that I intended to use only as backup for my computers. Now that my girlfriend’s laptop crashed and her 250gb WD Scorpio will not format or anything I want to try to boot my girlfriends Toshiba satellite from this external drive. Should I create a new small partition on the WD, install XP or Vista and how big do I need to make the partition? Any info will be appreciated. 

hi, you have to check something, does that computer boots from the usb?. if it does then you can pretty much set a partition of 80 gigs at the moment you are installing windows. that way you will have enought space for you to work for a while.

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I really don’t know. It is 64bit and is possibly from J0808 because that is the date on the dead hard drive, 250gb Scorpio. It had Vista but lost battery power during defrag cause AC adapter was accidentally removed and I tried to power up and it appears the original hard drive is dead. Nothing works, can’t even do anything in Bios, in fact only once in a while will the f2 button work to get in. It’s weird. the keyboard is good because when I run xp setup it works, but says the drive is dead. But when I try an old UBCD keyboard will not work. only caplocks and a couple of keys work, so I can’t get into laptop at all. I just figured maybe I could get it to boot before I spend money on a new WD HDD and find out that the computer won’t work once I buy new hard drive and am stuck with a useless drive. Just figured maybe I could try with new Caviar I bought. I don’t know anything about this, I have been into computers since 1975, but never worked with them other than end user since 2000. Any info will really be appreciated. Thanks in advance

with the model number you should be able to find out if it will boot from the usb, (mine its 5 years old and it will do it).

How by checking on Toshiba site?

on toshiba site, or in google, i would google something like, “toshiba sattelite model XXXXXXXXX boots from usb?”

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