I upload a new video FILE and a new folder is always created? Trying to consolidate

_ Everytime I upload a new video file with a thumbdrive to my device a new folde is created!  Never Consolidated? _

Currently I upload all video files manually to my WD TV Live Hub but either usb thumbdrive or connecting my portable hard drive to the front of the device.  The device will recognize either device, it asks me if I want to transfer the files, and then tells me to eject the devices when the files have been copied. 

The process works, but it has caused a very unconsolidated interface of files on the actual screen.  Every different thumbdrive or portable drive that I plug in ends up setting up it’s own file thread on the device.  So say I want to add just one extra episode to an existing folder that already has 5 seasons…the new upload creates a new folder, and keeps that file in it. 

Do that 5 or 10 times and you don’t know what’s in each of the folders anymore. 

The good news, is i have one folder that predominently has 95% of the data in it…so it makes it a little easier. 

But even that folder…I have to click on 5 different folders before I actually gets to the files.  Just like a folder setup in windows where you keep clicking as you drill down farther. 

I am sure there is a very easy fix to this…I just hope there is a quick way and not just a manual way in which you need to do something to each file. 

As of now, I have divided files by just two categories:  TV & Movies

Which has worked well. 

Any help would be great.  Jp

Hello, instead of automatically syncing all your content, you can use the file explorer and manually select the files to move. Check page 67 of the manual for more information.