I think I have achieved something that I never intended to achieve

I have achieved a full Debian system on the My Cloud Gen 2 with Busybox using Fox_exe’s mods and apps.

I have to say that looks very tempting… what size cloud (i.e. 2,4,6 or 8TB) did you manage to “never intended to achieve” it on?

any special instructions that deviates from Fox_exe’s?

tempting… definitely tempting…

Wall of text warning and there is no TD;LR

I would be happy to explain. I am using a 3TB My Cloud single drive Gen 2. My first Gen 1 wasn’t even working without modding it and then the drive failed so I RMA’ed it.

Basically I installed the Chroot Debian since the Gen 2 runs busybox and I only know about busybox for rooting android. I also followed modified a tightvncserver install See here

Basically I didn’t follow some of the directions and it led to this.

I also used some DigitalOcean guides and some debian guides and then it led to this. Why not use a mini arm powered linux box as extremely underpowered raspberry pi ish (I don’t know what else to compare it to).

Some other resources that I used:

See my pastebin edit.

Also as a side note:

I took a lot of risks while doing this also I never intended to be running KDE with a somewhat full desktop.

Mostly I was originally trying to install transmission and a few experiments later I got this result and transmission installed.

If you need anymore info (I bookmarked most of the sites I used just in case I needed to go back) feel free to ask.

Also since I am a new user I can’t put more than two links per post. So… you might need to google around a bit or maybe I can find a workaround.

Edit 1: Pastebin for all the other links

Good Job Brandon!!

This is something @rac8006 should do.

I might just buy a cheap 2TB cloud to do the same.

Thanks for the heads up…

Thanks! It’s my first time modding also why does @rac8006 has a upside down
lovebird in a glass as his profile picture?

That is not a love bird. It is a sun conure. That glass is a crown royal glass. The bird was trying to
get the last drop.

Ok I see