I think I accidentally

Deleted a bunch of my movie files from my hub.  I have been getting a bunch of folders on my hub I don’t want there, so I have been going into my PCs HD and sharing only the folders I want, but I had been giving full permission instead of just read.  Now I am missing some files (thankfully not a ton).  I was on my PC today and I discovered them missing.  I checked the trashscan, searched for the names in the start menu, nothing.  Any ideas?

Use recuva or test disk to scan the hard drive and look for deleted files. 


If you deleted files off your Hub’s Internal HDD … you will not be able to do a “Data Recovery” from your PC.

Because it’s a “Network” drive on your PC … not a “Physical” drive.

The only hope you have of “Data Recovery” from the Hubs Internal Drive …

is to disassemble the WDTV Live Hub … Remove the HDD …

connect it to your PC and “then” run “Data Recovery” software.

Remember, Disassembling your Live Hub … voids warranty (if you have any left)

How to Disassemble the WDTV Live Hub (Youtube Video)