I recently start using netflix on the wdtv and i returned to the lags and all the time wasted

I have an 3rd gen wdtv in Argentina for 2 yers now and I am loving it!!

After having issues with lag as everybody I just use the wdtv to play videos from an external drive and from a shared folder from my windows seven…  JUST that.
Using it for this purpose it’s a great device!. Lot of file types accepted and played flawlessly, heavy files (25gb+) mkv,  flac, etc… to plug a camara, a smartphone, or just a sd card or mini sd(with an usb adapter of course) and in seconds you are enjoying all that in your tv… its great! managing subtitles like a king, size colors, positions…, capturing screens to post on facebook its also a nice experience, I have a folder on fb with “OMG faces” from movies I watched and its as easy as pause and take 1 minute to completed upload it!

With the time I learned not to use media library, I tested the mojo theme with all the great backgrounds and info for each movie and also I ll never use that again… it takes forever.

youtube it’s a bad experience, but you can use zappo tv app for android it’s refreshing!! you can search for the video in your device and send it to your wdtv and works like magic really fast, and the best is that you don’t need to open the youtube app on the wdtv… lot of time earning there.

I have a microsoft arc keyboard (wireless with nano usb receiver - by the way having 2 usb ports its great!) and helps a lot to sing in in some apps or search for something in vimeo or others…

Optical out to the home theater, and video quality are awesome!!!

I recently start using netflix on the wdtv and i returned to the lags and all the time wasted …

I hope a new FW could make it faster PLEASE do it!!!

Regards from Argentina!!

Netflix works a lot better for me if I use the app after I restart the device. If I use Netflix after streaming videos over the network or from USB I’ve found it has a lot of lag as you stated even worse if I have media library on. This is unfortunate because as you said WDTV is the best device in my opinion for streaming content over the network or just from a USB device. I don’t think this issue can be fixed with a FW update though, it is probably a hardware limitation of the WDTV.

By the way the best results to use Netflix (Argentina users for sure)

Downgrade your FW to

Version 1.08.17:

Follow steps detailed here: (it’s so easy seems a joke)


3x faster and responsive, load movies fast and no issues with login or starting the app