I-pod as a remote


This is my second post!! I spotted an app for my ipod that lets you use it as a remote. It doesn’t have very good reviews though and I don’t want to throw away $2.99 to the wind. Has anyone used it on here? 

I don’t suppose the WDTV Live Plus supports bluetooth. I have the WDTV wired as I gather that’s the best way for streaming anything. Would I have to have it  wireless in order to use the ipod as a remote? 

It doesn’t support BT and if the app has low reviews then it’s best to avoid it. It doesn’t have to be wireless to support the controller app but it needs to be on the same network as the phone itself… Us Android users have been blessed by juliojs with WDTV MediaPlayers Remoteand it works like a charm :slight_smile: But I don’t know that iOS has in comparison…

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