I/O Failure FIXED

If you have gotten the I/O error during an operation…here is a fix that worked for me.

I took off the outer casing (Tabs surround it, just get a flathead in there and pop up) (I am out of waranty, so it makes sense) and then I got the hard drive out, disconnected the adapter, and slid the drive into my computer(Hot-swappable bays). After a restart it let me format it in Disk Managment(See other posts). And I am able to read/write to the drive.

Not recommened when you need data from the drive.

I also plugged the adapter in without the case; it didn’t work, so I think my adapter had a failure.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for posting your workaround.

This is only recommended if the warranty is already expired like in your case.

Otherwise removing the drive from the enclosure will void the warranty.