I need to speak with a WD representative

I have a broken down Hub still under warranty. A couple months ago i worked part of the issue due to a WD person on here putting me in direct phone contact with a WD dude named Gabriel. Gabriel then said to go back through the boards when I was ready to ship the unit in for a replacement.

I am, but now the WD guy on the boards I originally interacted with isn’t responding to my PM’s. Please help asap. Thanks.

(can give u reference # by PM if that would help)

You do realize that this is the weekend, right?

For that matter, I didn’t really see much staff presence on Friday… presumably there were meetings and other stuff going on.

I’m guessing you’ll have to wait for the morning (Pacific time) on Monday for the staff you’re looking for to even find the messages they’re “not responding to”.

I messaged the dude about 2 weeks ago and still no response. Sorry, should have specified that.

Houseofjanzen, please check your PM’s.