I need Help!

I have read and researched and it does not make me feel good.
I am a new graphic designer and forgot my password to my passport and now all i see is that I have to delete everything to reset or something to that effect.
If any one knows of any way other than deleting my whole life’s work , I would appreciate the assistance with my horrible dilemna .
I have been sick and depressed for a month trying to figure out my password…process of elimination and still not there and I seriously am so sad that is makes me hurt.
I really need my jobs and my clients are pissed and I am losing work and I know , its my fault but surely there has to be another way than total deletion of my work.
Please anything helpful , prayers, magic, wizardry, spells…something!!!

About all you can do is see if a data recovery company can get at your data if you do not remember your drive’s password. It could cost you plenty of money, too.

Next time write down your passwords for everything in a log book or a computer file you keep on a flash drive (the file should be password protected, too.)

Really unfortunate to know your pain. There are a few data recovery programs that can help you recover data from a password-protected drive however you should remember the password to unlock the drive and then recover the data from it. In you case, that crucial information is missing :frowning: Still, there are chances of data recovery and the data recovery cost will be high due to involvement of breaking the encryption algorithm and then recovering the data.

Thank you for your suggestions. Do you have a name of company or something to recover data from encryption?
The reason this all happened was because i was hasty with the pop up window, the day it happened was when i discovered a virus on my mac and i was trying to fix that and somehow got the windows confused and somehow locked up my passport inadvertently because both of my passports had no passwords and sadly instead of locking the new one up which i could have dealt with the deletion because its new but of course its my other one, the important one, with ALL MY WORK…im sick , but i dont mind cost if i get my data back.
I appreciate your information…i will figure something out or i will keep trying…i just cant delete All My Work…it will kill me😭

Here is WD Support’s info regarding data recovery. I found it by searching the forum fo data discovery. You ought to do the same as there are lots of posts.

Also, I hope you have another drive to store your work on now. In your case you need at keasr 3 copies of your irreplaceable data, a disk you keep it on, a copy of this disk on another and another copy of the data kept off site.