I need help, My Mirror Gen2 freeze (not responding) during the process of Full Restore, will turning it off brick it?

I’m doing a Full Restore in Dashboard, but after I started the process, my device seems to stuck at 0%, and when I try to refresh the Dashboard on my webpage, it was not responding. Its been 3 days, nothing is happening, I can’t access my device through Dashboard or any other means, the device seems to freeze indefinitely.

It seems I have no choice but to power it off, will this action brick the device?

Possibly, but you don’t have much choice. Do a 40 second reset after it has booted up successfully.

Hi, I unplug the power cord and did a 40 second reset, the device successfully booted.

I tried to do a full restore again (I’m going to give it away to someone so I wish the data is unrecoverable), the same type of behavior to the previous one appears, it stuck at 0%, when it refresh the device became inaccessible instead of login and correctly show the process bar.

I did the same thing to my other device (which was EX2), the process bar shows correctly, so I know there was something wrong to my Mirror Gen2, why is this keep happening?