I need a better backup strategy

I need suggestions for a better backup strategy.

I have a PR4100 (12TB) used as a file server in location 1 and a similar PR4100 (24TB) in location 2 used to backup the PR4100 in location 1. Currently I use the “Remote Backup” app to sync location 1 to location 2 every night. So, every night I end up with an exact copy of the PR4100 at location 1 on the PR4100 at location 2.

Yesterday someone deleted an entire (critical) folder at location 1. Fortunately someone noticed and I immediately cancelled the sync backup job otherwise when it ran we would have lost the critical folder at location 2 also.

My question is how do I solve this problem? The best that I can come up with is to have a weekly sync backup too. The idea being that if someone deletes something accidentally and the daily sync runs we still have the weekly sync to fall back on (with possible loss of several days data). However even this has a problem if anything is deleted just before the daily and weekly syncs run.

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Please refer to the article My Cloud OS 5: Remote Backups:

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