I moved files from my PR4100 but I did not gain the space

I was down to my last 2.71 TB of free space in my 32 TB 4-bay NAS. I moved a folder with the size of 1.38 TB to an external USB drive, but the free space did not change. It is still 2.71 TB of free space. I rebooted my NAS but that did not help. I checked the dashboard, it shows that I have 3.01 TB of free space. I have only one share profile, and the dashboard reports that its size is 18 TB. My system is raid 5. What shall I do?

Edit Sorted, I just removed the whole folder from the recycle bin. This is the first time to empty the recycle bin, I never knew how to reach it until today.

Glad you found the culprit. You might want to consider setting the auto clear feature on the recycle bin to empty on it’s own after a set number of days.