I love the way SmartWare Pro works!

I was just wondering about how the SmartWare Pro software backs up files. Most backup software that I’ve had experience with, unfortunately, compresses and/or encrypts the files so that, without the original backup software, you really couldn’t do anything with the files that were backed up to your storage media. I’ve noticed that SmartWare Pro appears to just make “real world” copies of the requested files onto my Passport Ultra drive. They all have some sort of backup directory filename but, within that directory, everything is named just as it is on my computer and nothing appears to be compressed or encrypted. Has this been the experience of most of you? Actually, I find it quite refreshing. I used to just use extrernal media to drag and drop backups using Windows Explorer. This didn’t allow me to automatically make backups as files or directories changed, etc., the way SmartWare does. It did allow me to copy or access backed up files without decrypting or decompressing though. This method that SmartWare Pro uses appears to offer me the best of both worlds. I love the way this software works. Thank you Western Digital! - Byron Followell

regular smartware does that as well…

What are the main differences between Pro and the free version?


The Pro version have more features like backing up to any external drive, Cloud Backup, Schedule Backup.

Check the link below for more detailed information