I keep losing shared folders after reboot in Win 7

I have a couple of HTPC with 9 My Books (USB) attached to one of them.  I just upgraded to Windows 7 today.  I’m not saying I didn’t have issues with vista (every time I had to reboot the PC, I had to cut the power to all the drives until after the bios sequence, or the bios would keep looping)…but at least I didn’t have to spend 20 minutes reassigning shares after every reboot like I do in Win 7 (and I still have to power down the drives too).  I was hoping someone smarter than I am might have a solution to my shared folder problem.

How is this issue getting along? Did you manage to get the shares enabled even after a reboot? And how exactly does it work with WD SmartWare (the password protection thing)?

Isn’t it so that you have to reinsert the password before you’re able to access the external harddrive? That way my shares won’t even be visible after just a reboot, I don’t want to login everytime and re-assign the shares after a reboot…