I keep getting read errors when trying to back up on My Passport Ultra 2TB

I just bought a 2TB My Passport Ultra drive. I partitioned it into two, one standard Mac partition, and one NTFS partition. I performed a clone on the Mac partition with no problem. But now when I try to backup to my NTFS partition on Windows I keep getting errors from multiple programs. I first tried ShadowProtect and got a read error. Then Acronis True Image and I got another read error on hard disk 1 (which is the Passport drive).

In between these two attempts I ran the Complete Test Drive in the WD Drive Utilities, and it passed. So I’m not sure what’s wrong here. I am not inclined to think it is something unique to a program since the problem consistently was reported across two programs. But WD Drive Utilities says there are no problems. Any ideas?

Hi nevereverknow, welcome to the WD Community. Be sure to select the NTFS partition, Windows is unable to Write to Mac formatted drives. You can try to copy some files manually into the Windows partition to see if it works. 

No, this isn’t it. The drive ostensibly is working, I’ve copied files to the NTFS partition, etc. etc. But it’s only when I attempt large operations (in this case doing a full system backup, with two different programs) that I’m getting errors.