I just bought this and things aren't working out so well

I just spent a day trying to get my new My Book Studio II 4 TB connected to my Mac running 10.6.7, and researching why it’s not working properly and am really hoping to get some answers here.

It is not recognized by my eSataII card, although I have no problems with the 2 TB version of the exact same drive.

It is recognized connected thru FW 800, but only half of it.  My 4 TB drive shows up as a 2 TB drive.

I read some stuff about not being supported in forums, although the papers advertising this product put out by WD clearly states that it is supported.  So I am completely confused, and so hoping that I could get some difinitive answers here.  I need to get some work done…

Thanks for any help you can give me.  I really appreciate it.  Suggestions on what will make it work (all 4 TB on eSata would be ideal), or explanations for why it doesn’t and what the future may hold if I don’t return this *paperweight*.

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Have you set up the my book using the drive manager  from the website?


You can also veiw the setup of the drive manager in the user manual.

 This can be seen on page 8 of the user manuel Chapter 4 Setting UP


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Yes, I did all that; although I did use the same version 2.25 that came on the CD with the drive.  Is there any reason to think the online version is not exactly the same?  Aren’t they both dated 2008?

I did not update firmware on the drive; could that be the issue?  I will take a closer look at that list and see if I missed any installations or updates that are on that list that are newer than what is on the CD that came with the device.

I’ll let you know what I find. :slight_smile:


What I found is that this firmware update isn’t supported by the latest OS 10.6.7 I’m running.

What now?  I’ve done everything else.

Please see next post

I do have to add that in the process of looking for updated drivers from what came on the CD…the updated TURBO driver set made it possible to use the eSata connection, and that is a huge improvement.  I was not looking forward to video editing with FW 800 mirrored.

The problem with the size was simply that I did not remember that last time I’d bit the bullet and decided to buy the 4 TB drive, and it was reporting as 2 TB since I had it mirrored, and I thought it was reporting total space, and this new drive was reporting half.  Thru a process of elimination and reconfiguring this drive between Raid+0 and Raid+1 I figured out that i was just an ■■■■■…and looking at my Amazon purchase history I was shocked to see I’d actually bought the 4 TB last time too.

Just hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the suggestions, they were worthwhile!

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