I just bought a 2nd PR4100 32 TB using it on the same network

This time I did enable the Auto-Rebuild in the Raid profile, although this system is new it is now verifying the raid parity very slowly. The system is Raid 5. Then I thought I will check the settings of my 1st PR4100 system and I did notice that the Auto-Rebuild feature is disabled but the Raid profile tells me that the Raid is healthy and that the volume is Good. Shall I enable the Auto-Rebuild feature on my 1st system? If I did that, does it automatically start checking the parity although everything seems okay?And how long it will take to finish? My 1st system is also 32 TB configured as Raid 5.


P.S. Can I use the system while the parity check is running? Like creating shares for instance…

edit1 When I configured my 1st system months ago, I did not go deep in the process of building the raid 5 system. Was Raid 5 the default setup? The new one is configured as Raid 10 if I am not mistaken. It is a new system by the way…

edit2 Why verify parity on a new empty system?!

Hi al7amimi,

Well Auto Rebuild feature is for rebuilding the RAID in case you replace any drive from the enclosure and the Auto Rebuild feature is enabled then it will configure the drive in RAID 5 mode. However, Auto Rebuild takes time depending on the capacity. Time totally depends on the capacity of the drive.

Okay, shall I enable it on my 1st system? If I did, does it check the parity although everything seems fine?

Hi al7amimi,

Yes, it will check for the parity if there would be.