I have written a script to tag episodes

Hi there all.

I like to use my WD player to watch lots of small videos ( starcraft 2 matches with commentaries ) I’ve downloaded offf you tube. I was finding though with many episodes in each folder it was getting harder and harder to find the newest ones because they have all sorts of filenames and you never know where the latest ones would appear in the alphabetical list.

Today I wrote a very small program in visual studio C # that goes to a given directory and then appends a datecode ( based on when it was downloaaded ) to the front of every filename that doesn’t already have one. This datecode then ensures that all the episodes are listed aphabetically in the order that they were downloaded.

It works off the windows date field in explorer so you can run it on your existing folders.

An example :

my video.mp4


~110328 my video.mp4

The tilde at the front lets the program know the file has already been tagged, so if you run the program again it dosen’t keep adding the tag over and over. The first 2 digits are the year, second 2 the month, last 2 the day.

Is anyone interested in me posting the source code?

It’s about 20 lines, but you would need a working knowledge of visual studio to past it and compile it.

This sounds good for small videos and videos make by video cameras.