I have no idea. (Video)

nextbook 10.1
Windows 8.1
WD My Passport (1 TB)

Other items work with USB
Hard drive works in other electronics
Device Manager says device is working properly.

Not showing up in ‘My Computer’

Just does this:

Hi there,

Have you tried a different USB cable or port? Also would like to know if this happens on a different computer.

Hey! Thanks for the reply.

This is a new computer. Unfortunately it only has one USB port.

The hard drive works on my original computer. I bought a new laptop and it didn’t recognize it at all until I plugged it into the third USB port and it worked. That computer kept freezing (even day one) so I returned it for this tablet/notebook and it only has one port.

EDIT: Scratch that, I found a second USB port. This time it does the same thing except I can hear the hard drive making a noise.

I plug it in and the computer recognizes it, makes a sound, then the Hard Drive has a 1-second sliding noise inside and the computer acts as if I just unplugged the HD, then re-recognizes it, sliding noise from the HD, disconnected, rinse-and-repeat.

I’ve encountered similar problems and boils down to two things. Either the USB hardware in the computer or the USB port can’t supply enough power to the drive.

I have a Buffalo 320Gb drive that’s USB2. In many computers it works fine just powered from the one USB port. on some computers I have to use the additional power cable and either a second USB port or an external USB adapter

What I would suggest is to get a powered USB hub (get a USB3 powered hub if you got USB3 stuff) and operate the drive through the hub on that laptop. Get a USB3 hub that’s got a PSU that will supply at least a minimum of 900mA the more capacity the PSU has got the better.

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Unfortunate that I had to spend some more cash, but this worked. Thanks!

Unfortunately now all USB electronics are the same. Looks like your laptop can’t supply the necessary power to the device. Glad it’s sorted.